I’ve really enjoyed pumping out two entries a day for two blogs (and a review for a third) but it’s getting a bit creatively straining on me. I really wanted to do a second entry today but I think I should relax for the weekend and let the creative juices flow a bit more strongly. I’ll post the second two entries in the “Cat Versus Dog” series (as those are already written) as well as a new review for “Culture Fusion” (as this is already written as well). The news blog will also have a weekend break.
This break is two-fold: I can focus more on my novel (as my progress has trickled down to about two to five pages a day as opposed to the 7 to 10 it was going at before) and so that I can attend Roger City’s Nautical Festival with various friends and family members in order to get nice and toasty (not too drunk as that’s just silly). Weekend breaks will probably be worked into my updates simply to keep what I write as interesting and engaging as possible.
See ya Monday!

See ya soon!