Now that part one of the series is under our belts (as well as an explanation as to what is going on: if you haven’t read the first post, click the previous link to read it) we will move on directly to the discussion on dogs. I’ll list three positives and three negatives (as I did with the cats) which means the mathematical accuracy I boasted about previously will be null and void. Don’t you love inconsistency? I thrive on it! Let’s go.

Dr. Dog. M.D.
Photo Courtesy American Grass Fed

Dog Positives

1. Dogs are smart. This one is hard to deny. The stories of smart dogs are legion, from dogs that have saved their masters from burning alive to dogs that have learned to use CREDIT CARDS. I can’t find a link for that last story but I swear I read it awhile ago. Point is, dog’s are wicked smart.

2. Dog’s are loyal. This one is another one that is hard to deny. Dog’s have a “pack” mentality similar to humans, meaning they adapt well to social situations and appreciate having a leader or “alpha.” As a result, they will defend family members to the death. This loyalty has lead to some problems with certain breeds but a good dog will never let you down.

3. Dogs are cute. Although cat lovers may disagree with me here, I have to say dogs are definitely cuter than cat. There is something about dogs that make them ridiculously cute to people. Perhaps it is because of their easy socialization or their big goofy grins when they’re happy which makes them a bit “human” like in appearance. Whatever it is, it’s hard to deny the cuteness of the average doggy.

Awww it’s a PUUUUUPPPPYYY!!!
Photo Courtesy of The Stylish Dog.

Dog Negatives

1. Dog’s are dirty. This might be the number one complaint people have about dogs in general. Dog’s lose a lot of hair due to their shedding which, depending on breeds, can become difficult to handle. Dogs also enjoy rolling in dirty, smelly things and many breeds have a natural odor that never goes away.

2. Dog’s are time consuming. Dog’s may be smarter than cats but their pack mentality means they need a lot more attention and training. A cat can be left alone for a week or more at a time as long as it has enough food, water and liter to survive. A dog needs company and companionship or they get scared, lonely and even paranoid. Bored and angry dog’s often take out their aggression on owner’s belongings if left alone too long.

3. Dog’s are assholes. Many unprepared owners buy a dog or a puppy and expect it to be a perfect angel immediately. Wrong. A dog is like a kid that never gets any smarter. They must be corrected immediately for bad behaviors and corrected at an early age or they’ll believe they are the “alpha” or leader of your pack. This can result in the dog showing signs of aggression, destructive tendencies, dirty manners in the house, excessive barking, digging and even attacking other animals. This is because dog’s are assholes.

Again, the positive and negative sides balance each other out. Big shocker. Tune in tomorrow for my final conclusion on what I (and only I) think is the best animal of the two.

Photo Courtesy Nintendo.