Fahey is a guitar player/composer of subtle genius and beauty. His playing is evocative and relaxing while maintaining a high level of technical complexity that dazzles. This is just one of his many great pieces. With nearly 40 albums, the man was prolific and worked till the bitter end. If you’ve never heard John, take a chance to experience him for the first time. If you have heard him a million times, refresh your memory and take a listen.

Though primarily an acoustic player, Fahey turned to the electric towards the end of his life and began exploring harsher, more aggressive styles of playing. He drenched his guitar in effect pedals and began constructing (along with occasional help) sound collages that rumble disconcertingly underneath of his delicate playing. Fahey also explored collages during the 60’s and 70’s.

Although his playing is often delicate and melodic, he knows how to craft artful dissonances to stir the listener out of a stupor. His playing seamlessly integrates blues, folk, pop, gypsy guitar, jazz, Eastern ideas of repetition, classical, modern classical, dissonance, avant-guard and complex composition and rich harmony.

Seriously the guy was great. And this is just a taster of his skills.