(Lights fade in on man sitting on the couch He sits up straight and looks around the room after a few moments sitting quietly and motionlessly. He looks down at his hands and then out at the audience)

Man: I gotta get out of here. I can’t take it any more.

Voice off stage: You can never leave!

Man: Shut up! I’ll leave when I please.

Voice off stage: You can never leave!

Man: Nonsense! And I’ll prove it to you! (Gets up and walks slowly stage left. Speaks as he is walking) I’m leaving! Bye! I’m never coming back! This place is now just history to me.

(Walks off stage left, continuing to talk)

Man: Nobody tells me where I can and can’t go…

Voice off stage: You can never leave!

Man: (shouting from off stage) I’ll go where I please! (Man should then loop around the backstage to take position at stage right, off stage. A few beats should pass before the scene resumes with the dialogue)

Voice off stage: You can never leave! You can never leave!

(A few beats should pass between each line of dialogue here. Utilize silence in a big way here)

Voice off stage: You can never leave! You can never leave!

(A few beats should pass here again)

Voice off stage: You can never leave! You can never leave!

(Man walks onto stage from stage right, talking as he comes. He should begin the next line of dialogue as he is walking on stage)

Man: All that walking in nothing, all that walking…see! (points to the couch) I’m already somewhere new..I’ve never been here before…this place isn’t so big after all…gonna be a snap to just walk right out…(man should continue walking across the stage as he talks, exciting stage left by this point. His dialogue should fade out as he walks off stage, cutting off after the last line. Man should then take up position stage left off stage for his eventual reemergence. Let a few beats pass before continuing dialogue)

Voice off stage: Walking in circles! You’re walking in circles! You can never leave here! You can never leave!

(Let a few beats pass before the next line of dialogue)

Voice off stage: You’re only kidding yourself! You’re going nowhere fast. You’re stuck here forever. You can never leave here! You can never leave!

(Man walks back from stage left, talking as he walks. As he talks, he should move upstage center, in front of the couch)

Man: What do you mean I’m going in circles! I’ve clearly never been here before…right? No, there’s no way. I’ve went so far, down all sorts of dark, twisting paths. I’ve had to fight off…all sorts of…problems just to get here. There is no way I’m walking in circles…I’m getting somewhere…this just can’t be the same couch I started at…there’s no way…(Man should start walking off stage at about “There is no way” walking off stage right slowly as he talks. He should slowly let his voice fade away as he walks off stage. He should loop around behind the back stage and take up a position during the following dialogue scenes, taking position off stage at left stage)

Voice off stage: Of course! Of course! You’ve went so far and walked down twisting paths! You’ve fought off problem after problem but you aren’t getting anywhere! You keep coming back to the same place. You can never leave here!

(Let a few beats pass before the voice comes in again)

Voice off stage: You got your feet in the mud! You’re moving at a snail’s pace even as you sprint! You can never leave here! You’ve always been here and you always will be! There is nowhere for you to go, to end up, to find your peace but here. It’ll take more than a few hours of wandering to escape. You can never leave here!

(Man walks back on stage from stage left. He looks exhausted as he walks, moving to the couch and collapsing on it. He sprawls out on it fully, stretching his body and sighing as he stretches. Part of him appears to understand that he has gone nowhere but only part. He should appear somewhat satisfied as he sits, as if he accomplished a lot)

Man: Wow what a journey! You wouldn’t believe what I saw…and what I did…

(Woman walks on stage dressed in “hipster-ish” clothes)

Woman: Oh yeah? (as if he was talking to her) What did you do?

Man: I walked across sand seas that stretched as far as the eye could see without a single drop of water. Days on end I trudged.

Woman: Wow!

Man: And then I came across a giant with a head filled with eyes and tentacles coming out of its back.

Woman: What did you do?

Man: I fled as fast as I could, the only thing I could do.

Woman: Understandable. What else?

Man: I climbed a mountain made of dreams. Each stepped cause a dream to leak out and float before my eyes, playing out as a miniature play in a fraction of a second and impacting my mind forever.

Woman: That’s fantastic!

Man: It’s nothing compared to fighting off a legion of snarling hell beasts with a scythe in a field of human limbs, growing right out of the ground like corn stalks.

Woman: Hell beasts?

Man: Yes, creatures directly from hell. I stood shoulder to shoulder with all my loved ones, past, present and future and we each slashed out as the hell beasts pressed upon us. Blood flew in the air, muscle and sinew ripped as we tore our way through the legions of the damned, fighting to preserve our lives and our souls!

Woman: That’s incredible! What did you do after that?

Man: I met a million women each more beautiful than the last, each more chaste and perfect than the one before. Each of them offered themselves to me, one at a time. I remained pure and steadfast and I moved through them, careful not to touch a single inch of skin or hair on their bodies. They wept and moaned as I walked past, pulled their hair and thrashed at their clothes as I passed, desperate for release, desperate for the touch of another but unable to receive it.

Woman: Again, wow, wow! I can’t believe it!

Man: I know, it’s quite incredible.

Woman: No, I mean, I can’t believe it. (Woman stands up, moves towards man) And I don’t believe it.

Man: What?

Woman: You can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to me. You walked in circles for hours, got lost and ended up back in the spot you started over and over.

Man: That’s not true!

Woman: Yes it is! You know it’s true and until you can accept that I’m out of here. (Woman walks off stage as the man stares at her from the couch)

Man: But it’s true…it’s true…I’m not lying…I did all that…it’s true…it’s true…it’s true…(lights slowly fade on the man as he rambles on, repeating “it’s true” over and over until the scene fades entirely to black for good)