Hey! Sorry to anybody that has been following my “Adventures in Alpena” non-fiction story but life has been a bit wild for me lately. I’m now working a grand total of three jobs lately: the newspaper, my writing job and actually assigning articles out. Granted, the last two don’t take that long to accomplish but they have been eating into my time and my creativity.

I also had a wild time covering some pretty intense sporting events but the next few weeks are going to be relatively lax. Basically, I cover one game next week and that’s about it. I kind of like that aspect of the job: the wax and wane of the sporting season. Plus, I’m finally getting something close to an understanding of more sports which also helps out big time.

What’s this gotta do with anything?

I used to update at least one of my blogs every day and now it’s been several weeks. That’s just unacceptable. Right now, I am at work but I have nothing at all to do so I am taking advantage of that momentary lapse of busy-ness to rant and rave a bit. I don’t feel like going off on the “Adventures in Alpena” story but I am eventually going to reveal who is behind that door…

The election is coming up and it’s driving me nuts. I can’t wait for it to be done so everybody stops talking about Mitt Romney for a few minutes and I can think straight without the vague concern that he’s going to win the election in spite of all his “bad, old” ideas and his blatant lies and obvious shadiness. You never know what’s going to happen: thankfully, I’ll be up in Saint Ignace covering volleyball regionals and should be able to ignore most of that political garbage.

Yes, people occasionally fly in volleyball.

I am also a little disappointed that I didn’t get to watch as many horror movies this October as last. I think I watched maybe about 26. I fell slightly short of my goal but last year I watched something like 50 so I don’t think it’s a huge deal. I can just carry them over: unlike my phone minutes, the extra movies DO carry over. Why? Because it’s my arbitrary goal to meet, damn it and I’ll meet it any way I can!

And although it’s not a huge deal to me (not like it was in the past) being single at 30 is kind of a drag. I live in a romantic vacuum due to the rather small size of the town I”m currently living in and when you’re kind of picky and/or used to dating the kinds of girls you want to date (instead of the kind of girls you date because they’re there) it’s a bit hard to meet the girl you want.

Basically, her but without being a porn star and having a PhD in Awesomeness.

However, I am trying to stick to my stronger diet and I exercise more frequently (been a bit lazy this week) and I’m enjoying living in my new place and things really honestly only seem to look up at this point. I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that my extreme expectations for myself will happen only if I focus and understand that patience is a virtue.

I still hate waiting for the good stuff to happen, though.